finished a commission so celebrated by doodling my babu

foxbride replied to your post: so honestly im really confused on my s…

Why don’t you just drop the labels and do what your heart wants. We are all human and its ok to change what you want. You don’t have to fit into one label.

awh thank you! i know, but i’m still curious to know and understand my sexuality better. but i guess its bipolar o>-<

so honestly im really confused on my sexuality.

i feel like a mixture of bisexual, pansexual, and demisexual. how the hell does that work. is that even possible? im not sure.

~*~*~*Mahou Shoujo Holly*~*~*~

I think I’m gonna name her Pepper or Pippa

vent OTL;;;

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OC doodles during study time www

look at these plain ugly ocs im gonna die

last personal art before i get to work on commissions im so gomen

trying to desperately get rid of artblock OTL
(help im obsessed with these two again)

Just a spur-of-the-moment gift curiouswonderland. I installed firealpalca and wanted to try it out<3 I really looove Eesa, so wanted to doodle her! 

i think im going to start sketching in the program <> <> ;;; i really enjoyed it!!! tho i need to figure out how to set up hotkeys..