OC doodles during study time www

look at these plain ugly ocs im gonna die

last personal art before i get to work on commissions im so gomen

trying to desperately get rid of artblock OTL
(help im obsessed with these two again)

Just a spur-of-the-moment gift curiouswonderland. I installed firealpalca and wanted to try it out<3 I really looove Eesa, so wanted to doodle her! 

i think im going to start sketching in the program <> <> ;;; i really enjoyed it!!! tho i need to figure out how to set up hotkeys..

An AU outfit for my lil calico, Cale!

For len-ki for autobuying the first Loveknot! ^q^

For a friend on FB for his friend on FA !!!
Aaah I really ant a dragon chara now<3


just a lil vent lol

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A qt pie (thatibutchered) for Joy!!